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The best tea in town

Continuing in Vienna. I don’t know the order these shots are supposed to be in and I can’t say I’m too concerned either.

Left: Severin thought this shot was crap but I took it with a blog in mind. I don’t drink tea much but I like tea rooms. I wouldn’t mind being overlord of a tea room for a day.
Right: 60’s roller disco sex goddess Linus joins and leaves us.

(note: these two will not appear side-by-side if you have a low resolution)

roll-5-005.jpg roll-5-009.jpg

Tanya, Brandy and I went on this ridiculous ride. We seemed to be on it for ten minutes. I think the guys were using us to advertise their crap ride to more people.

(On a side note, BBC News at ten just came on and the headline is that Prince William has split with his girlfriend. Second item is Iraq. What the F is up with that?)

This guy had a puppet thing (I was told the name yesterday but forgot) and asked the little girl to join in his act but she was petrified.

I noticed a woman on the metro with a piece of food on her chin. Shame my shooting-from-the-waist abilities completely deserted me.

Sev was wondering why my cam was in his direction for so long. I was not focusing on him but made a shot anyway.

I was focusing on her, even though she wasn’t there yet. Looks like a piece of cheese to me.

Bernhard looks very village people in this shot.


OK, Monday. Got the train to Bratislava, got a mug made for Will Smith, then returned.


Tanya handed out some crappy banana & chocolate flavour gum.






We came back, gave Severin his mug then went to get some Austrian Cuisine.




Played pool



And then did some other shit. I’m falling asleep here.

I have another roll from Vienna still to be developed. I bought all the stuff to develop a few days ago, but I messed up while making the XTOL solution from the powder. You’ll have to wait. On the plus side you may get some pics from France in the meantime, including a cow with poo on its nose.