Almost a year..

January 5th, 2011 by James

Almost a year since my last post. What happened?

Well I pretty much stopped taking photos. Why? because I’ve joined the competitive gaming community. It eventually became a case of concentrate on playing or concentrate on shooting. Shooting took a back seat while I concentrated on playing Street Fighter IV, going around Europe playing in tournaments. Now I mainly run tournaments and cover events via my youtube channel. I still play and train hard, but at present I am not good enough to beat the top players.

What will become of this blog? Well it seems I have changed but the blog did not change with me. Well, it’s time for the blog to change as well. Rather than be solely about photography, from here on the blog will be about me, and the relevant type of media I am creating at that time. In the last year I have been to a lot of tournaments around Europe, however I did not put video content on here as it was mainly match footage. Recently I have acquired a GoPro HD HERO video camera which I have begun using to video blog, so that content will go up here when relevant instead.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Some of the few random photos I HAVE taken in the past year. There are not many. Tanya uses my digital lenses (I don’t care at all for digital), and I’ve loaned my Leica to Severin after his was stolen. I have my lovely Nikon FM which I will take out again at some point.

Yeah… that is practically all the photos I have taken since February of last year. I don’t care for protests anymore. I’d like to do documentary photography, but of what? The gaming scene since I am in it at the moment is a good start. The problem is, a lot of events are so DARK it is hard to shoot. I’ll sort something out.


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  1. 3.1 Says:

    So glad to see you back, even if it’s not all photography anymore. Sometimes other stuff comes up – other stuff that we love in life – and we just get so into it that photography takes that back seat. I don’t see it as a negative thing – when I realise I haven’t taken photos for so long, I just think that I must’ve been doing something that I was totally immersed in.

    Loved that second video – like seeing kids in a sweet shop!

    Good luck with the gaming! :)