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The WSOPE £1,500 NLH Event: Day 2

We’re back for day two of the £1,500 No Limit Hold’em bracelet event.

Day 1A
Day 1B

As usual I’m the first person in the media room. One of the WSOP guys just turned up. He was out with some of the pros last night – Phil Hellmuth and John Juanda were betting on the Ryder Cup with Negrenau playing bookmaker. Hellmuth ended up owing Juanda £3,500.

Notable chip stacks

Junglen leads the pack with 84k. Negreanu 75k, Akenhead lies in 6th place with 59k, Willie Tann 52k, Phil Laak 50k, Kabbaj 35k, Bloch 30k, Juanda 27k, , Channing 20k, Surinder Sunar 14k, Erik Seidel 7k.

Game on

The blinds are now 500 – 1,000 with a 100 ante.

James Akenhead is embroiled in a growing pot. He is out of position with one caller and we see the flop.

Check, check. Turn:

Akenhead bets 4,800. Player (with considerably less than Akenhead) calls.


Akenhead checks. Player bets 5,500; he doesn’t have much left. Akenhead folds.

Huge pot back at Daniel Negreanu’s table. As you can see UTG made it 3,800 to go. Daniel called. Button goes all-in for 13,000 more.

Both raiser and Daniel call. Flop:

Check, check. Turn:

Check check. River:

Daniel shows for the Jack-high flush

All-in player shows a pair of tens for an early bath

remaining player shows for the Queen-high flush and scoops a ~50k pot.

Juanda is upstairs, raising limpers like a box of Viagra and taking down pot after pot pre-flop!

Blinds 600 – 1,200, 100 ante.

Akenhead is watching Laak and Negreanu clash horns at his table. Akenhead is the big blind when Laak (UTG +1) calls and Daniel raises to 2,800. Folded round to Laak who calls.

Flop: . Check, check. Turn: .

Laak checks, Daniel bets 3,600. Laak raises to 13,000 pretty quickly.

Daniel thinks then makes the call. River: . Check check.

Laak turns over and Daniel takes the pot with .

A few minutes later Laak is out, short stacked ran into AA with K-J.  James Akenhead is now on Juanda’s table.

This is Sandra Naujoks, from Germany.

She even has her own mini-hat card protector. The girl’s got style.

Second wind

Still short-stacked Erik Seidel moves in with A-J, called by A-K. The cards come 5 5 8 8 6 and he lives to fight another day.

Neil Channing has been quiet so far.

Sandra Naujoks is not allowing anyone to limp on her big blind. Three limpers and she makes it 5,500 to go. All fold.

We like Naujoks.

On a flop of , 2008 bracelet-winner Jesper Hougaard is faced with an all-in bet of 8,000, with a player still to act after him.

He calls, only for the next player to move in over the top. Jesper instantly folds.

All-in player shows

Re-Raiser shows

The turn is , giving the aces the lead. on the river seals the all-in player’s fate.

Jesper folded pocket Queens.

We are now on a break (which is about to finish). 54 players left.

Jesper’s stack


HUGE pot – On a flop of , with the pot already about a juicy 30,000 chips, a guy goes all-in and is called for the other guy’s remaining 37k.


Caller (and all-in)

Turn: River:

Noujaks doubles up

Yevgeniy Timoshenko (left) raises and a very short stacked Sandra Noujaks pushes. Some settings on my camera were messed up which is why Yevgeniy looks radioactive here.



An ace on the flop is enough to keep her with us, for now!

Spoke too soon?

Our German friend is out; so are a few others and we are now in the money. Blinds are now 1,000 – 2,000 with a 300 ante.

Surinder Sunar just scraped his way into the money. At one point he was in the SB with 1,100 in front of him and he folded. Channing said “Queens?”. Another guy said he’d give him £20 to go all in.

On a board of , facing a bet of 7,200, Neil Channing has shoved it!
Channing asked his opponent if he thought he had 10-2. His opponent eventually resigned from the pot.

(Those purples and browns to the right also belong to Neil, who is just off camera)

I just noticed I have glitter from one of the birthday cakes on my face.

On yet another raggedy flop of , Channing moves in on the same player, again!

Here is the action from three different angles, Matrix-style.

“Ace-Queen no good”.

He mucks again. Channing shows .

Daniel is spontaneously goofing around making silly faces for my photos.

James Akenhead went out while I was in the media room. Willie Tann says has been card dead for the last three hours. Daniel said this guy was a 10-1 favourite to have had braces before. He was correct. Nobody made the bet, though.

We have a new chip leader

On a flop of , a wave of chips went in from three players.

Shortest stack:

Middle stack:

Largest stack:

Turn and river make no change and the pocket Jacks win a LANDSLIDE of chips. Might be up to 200,000 chips here. This was the last hand before the break and the dealer generously offered to stack his chips for him.

Channing moves in on another guy.

This time he is called. Channing has JJ vs the guy’s 88 and wins the pot and sending the chap out of the tournament. We are now down to 3 tables. Daniel N is now a few seats to the left of Channing.

Most of the 100 chips have now been coloured up. We have new chips in play! They are bright orange and worth 5,000.

Short stack on the button goes all-in; Linda Lee in the SB and Willie Tann in the BB call. They check it down to the river.


Button shows Q-6, Lee shows A-8 and Tann takes it down with J-8 and knocks the player out of the tournament.

Daniel Negreanu was eliminated while I was in the media room after all the chips went in preflop. His 99 was cracked by A-K offsuit. I asked Daniel what happened and he said “I made no mistakes, I just got unlucky!”.

Linda Lee doubles up when her A-Q unsuited outstrikes Fuad Serhan’s 99.

Willie Tann moves in on Jesper’s 10k raise forcing him to fold.

Jesper has another decision to make when Christoph Bommes makes it 10k, Jesper reraises and Christoph moves in.

Jesper has to fold again. Christoph lets him turn over either of his cards. He turns over .

Bloch is still here

120k pot

Jesper and Fuad are at it again. Fuad UTG makes it 16,000. Jesper calls.


Fuad bets 19,000, Jesper calls. Turn:

Fuad bets 25,000, Jesper calls. River:

Fuad checks, Jesper goes all in and pushes forward his stack of orange 5,000 chips.

Fuad folds.

Jesper shows .

After this hand the 2-hour dinner break kicked in. At this point I was high of caffeine and had caught a cold (which I still have) because people kept leaving the balcony door open in the media room, and so I had to retire to bed. Jesper went on to win the £1,500 tournament and become the first player to win a WSOP bracelent in America and London in the same year.

Photos from the main event still to come.

Geeky stuff: Canon EOS 20D, 24-70 f2.8L lens.