The broken RSS

August 1st, 2006 by James

I’ve broken the RSS feeds by having ‘&’ in my titles. I think i’ll have to do some database messing to sort that out. I’ll try and sort it out on the weekend. Busy week.

Got my tattoo touched up on the weekend. This gave me an opportunity to try out the cameras on my nokia N80. Cam on the back, cam on the front. The cam on the back is 3MP, the front 0.3MP. The following is from the front.

Tattoo time!

Quite useful! The girl sitting down was getting more stars done on her back.

I took a pic tonight of my post-touch-up tattoo with the rear camera, but I forgot to set it to macro mode so the focus is better on the floor. I’ll take a pic of something tomorrow and upload a pic here.

Last weekend saw the ridiculous duck race event on the Thames. It was unbelievable; and not how you think. I’ll write a long, long entry about that when I have more time.

Tanya’s blog is almost ready now. I was going to put a shot of her up here, but the scan of the one I want is at work so it will have to wait. For now you can look at Brandy. I can’t work out what her expression says.

Nikon FM, 35mm. Jessops diamond 200.


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