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The mish-mash

OK so I have some pictures to blog and Tanya is kicking my arse so here is a mish-mash of photos. I developed these myself with Ilfotec LC29.

I was recently in France. This is my newphew Joseph, to the left my Brother Luc, to the right his lovely partner Josephine.


This is my niece Barbara


This is my nephew Scott, and brother Luc.


Back in London. Going to have a picnic.



Our picnic. Apple juice, jams and pate from Borough Market. Tanya made a tasty rocket salad with feta cheese; she also brought some roulé cheese, salmon and a kitchen knife. We bought some awesome olive bread from Richmond. I didn’t realise we needed a can opener for the pate. Oh well.

She should have some pics up on her blog soon, including the caterpillar incident. She’s a wuss.


Got the train from Vienna to Bratislava.


Tanya headed straight for the sex shop. This photo is crap.


I had a latte with Eva. They don’t give you small portions of water with coffee in London.


Exposed for Eva’s arm. Oops.


Went to a farm in France. They had goats. Not sheep, goats. Bred for their wool. Goats, not sheep.




They have rocks of salt they can lick as and when necessary.

Maybe more goat pics later. These goats are cool. They can eat hay whenever they want but when the troughs are filled with sweetcorn it’s every goat for itself.

My Bessa R2M & 35/1.7 arrived yesterday. Tanya & I will do some awesome portraits with it tomorrow, then she will learn to develop! Let’s hope the XTOL I made works properly…