The drunk guy

Strange man.

I went to Richmond Park with the Arab a few weeks ago. She dropped me off near a bridge. As I walked home with two cameras round my neck this intoxicated fellow decided to strike a pose and demand a picture while his girlfriend laughed off camera. Looking at the shot now, maybe I should have moved a little to my right to get that pole a bit further away from his head.

The sleeping man.

Waiting for Tanya outside her work, and this Chauffeur is out there catching some zeds. I shot from the waist with the FM and the click woke him up. He looked in my direction, but i was leaning against the wall with my shades on so he didn’t know where i was looking. He said something to me and I pulled my headphones out and said ‘pardon’?… he asked me if I took a photo and I said “no, I’m waiting for someone to GO and take photos”. He believed me. Sucker!

Gotta go to bed. Very tired. Went to EOS discovery in London after work today, will talk about later.

So tired.

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