The /i/nvasion

February 10th, 2008 by James

Geeky stuff: Canon EOS 3, 35mm lens, Superia X-TRA 400

Brief highlights of the London ‘raid’ on Scientology. This entry may contain many memes and fads the general public might not recognise or understand.

Various communities despise Scientology. This is the main reason they cannot tolerate Scientology. Here are some more reasons. An international day of protest was arranged for February 10th. Raids took place all over the globe; from Ireland to the US to Australia. Everywhere.

11am: The Anonymous message posted on youtube is played, igniting a rapturous cheer.

February 10th was Lisa McPherson’s birthday. She died in the hands of the Church of Scientology December 5th, 1995. Feb 10th was chosen for a day of action in her memory.

Anonymous came and remained anonymous….

…except for this idiot, who ruined my photo. Had it not been for his ridiculous face, this shot would have been great.


Anonymous without V masks were creative.

The award for best mask has to go to the Captain.


There were various chants during the protest; ‘Ron is gone but the con goes on!’, Fresh prince of Bel-air, rickrolling (naturally) but my favourite had to be “XENU, XENU, XENU”. A close second was “When you reach OT level 5 you get cake! The cake is a lie! The cake is a lie!”.


The Police were surprisingly lenient with protesters standing right outside the entrance of the building.

Scientology peons peeked through the windows at reception.

I couldn’t make it to the Tottenham Court Road section of the protest; I think this photo represents the general mood of the day, though.

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  1. pandaman Says:


  2. Sebastian Says:

    Hahaha, love the “moron”-shot. Would really have been great without this guy in the frame. He looks so misplaced. But then again, maybe he makes the frame good ;)

    Funny, I was just talking about the EOS 3 + 35mm combination when i opened your post. Which 35mm is it? 2 or 1.4? You’re using the EOS 3 more often? How do you like it?

  3. Linus Says:

    haha i have followed this online fight and i gotta say its very entertaining (:
    anons videos are really cool but i think xenu tv is totally right with its legal course.

    anyhoo. u took some nice pics

  4. Bernhard Says:

    hahaha, fantastic!

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  6. MoronGuy Says:

    You’re right that idiot really needs to have been in that photo. Had he not been, his mug wouldn’t have been displayed with a great red circle identifying him as the ‘moron’. And that James, well that would be a pity.

    Had it not been for my ridiculous framing, this shot would have been great.

  7. Scriblerus Says:

    Lol, saw the “Scientology is rubbish” photo on deviantart today.
    Best of luck to you, Anon.

  8. justin Says:

    Great journalism.

  9. Ken Laninga Says:

    I don’t doubt for a second that scientology (small “s”) *is* crap. But why not tell folks WHY it is. THEN you might convince some.

  10. DeadManLaughing Says:

    read their ideas, they are rediculus, look at thier ways, they are mostly motivated by greed. you make a free test but than they tell you that you are ill and they can help you but you have to pay alot. than read on wiki waht they write about the inccident

  11. tw Says:

    It’s quite bizarre seeing all those v masks.. seems like a scene from the movie ay. cool pictures!

  12. Dr phil Says:

    Couldn’t you rubes have picked a better movie than v for vendetta?

  13. Alejo Says:

    Obviously not, especially considering the revolutionary attitude of the “Mask”

  14. Anonymous Says:

    >> Dr phil

    You obviously lack the mental capacity to comprehend the signification of the Guy Fawkes mask. You kind sir, fail.

    tl;dr Dr Phil should become an hero.

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  16. Brett Says:

    A quick update for those of us who don’t really know the reasoning behind all this would have been good. I have good friends whom are involved with the church here in NZ and they are a very well balanced family and have NEVER tried to push their beliefs on me, in fact they have opened my eyes a lot about physical health/good diet and thinking outside the square and not just blindly following doctors etc.
    ALL religions have their bad apples, look at the catholics, Islamics etc

  17. DeadManLaughing Says:

    according to this “religion” pschologiy is a lie but its not belive me i have exapmles around me. there idea of curing you from a mental illens is paying them lots of money and not getting treatment with people who know what they are doing. and than the thing with Xenu? just plain stupid.

  18. Mathias Says:

    I see all these things on the net saying that Scientology is a dangerous cult but I haven’t seen anyone trying to explain me why it is so…

  19. Detroit Al Says:

    This is a bit of genius, that’s what it is!!! Brilliant! Those life suckers must be stopped. This was a brilliant set of pictures and the comments cracked me up. I wish I could’ve been there. What fun it must’ve been. If you ever visit Clearwater, FL you’ll see those zombies marching around pathetically. May I please post this on my myspace site? I’ll give you full credit for the photos and comments. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll take that as a yes. Great work!!!

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  21. bethanyrae Says:

    v for vendetta is genious and can i say i just stumbled across this page and you are my idols. keep up the good work.
    “VoilĂ ! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.”

  22. Rynnie Says:

    You could just crop your “moron” out of the shot if it bothers you????

    Other than that, great pics. I really like the one with the Captain mask lol

  23. Jeff Says:

    For those people that don’t know why $cientology is dangerous, instead of waiting for an answer, look for yourselves. is a good place to start.

    If you are told, then you are just told, and you won’t understand.

  24. jimmy hoffa Says:

    your all a bunch of c***s

    the other major religions have hurt MANY THOUSANDS MORE people than Scientology go f*** yourself

  25. tom Says:

    lol at /i/ learn where it started you f***ing noob

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  27. Detroit Al Says:

    I can’t stop laughing about the moron with a red circle around “his ridiculous face”!!! Brilliant!

  28. Doug Says:

    James, i photo shopped this picture for you….now it looks good and if you refer to the picture your not losing anything on the ends

    Feel free to use

  29. Doug Says:

    damn it wont let me put in a pic via html…..go to this link…it is a direct photobucket link to ur picture…..feel free to use

  30. Andrew Says:

    Great great pictures.

    And for the people that talk about the positives of Scientology… like how it leads people to make healthier decisions with diet and prescription drugs… You don’t need to pay to join a cult to learn how to do this you fat f***s.

    It’s free to use your brain!

  31. Anonymous #2 Says:

    You Sir, Have won yourself an internet!

    Much win to you.

  32. K Says:

    That’s ridiculously cool. Something about that V mask is so powerful when so many people are wearing them.
    I think the difference between the violence in Scientology and the violence in other major religions is that the major religions’ violence was brought about by human misinterpretation and mistakes (otherwise Christianity and etc. are fundamentally peaceful. That seems to be a big misconception these days.)
    Meanwhile the Scientologist hierarchy believes they have authority to eliminate people themselves. It’s sickening.

  33. Santa Barbarian Says:

    Pics from the Santa Barbara Rally.


    I hope that works…

    [Editor note: URL fixed.]

  34. KYLE DAVIS Says:

    The Scientology minions remind me of the Moonies you use to see selling flowers years ago. I would call it brain washing but that would mean they would have to have a brain to wash then wouldn’t it.

  35. Dinesh Says:

    Well, most organized religions are cults with wider appeal and having even more ridiculous and unnatural ideas than scientology. Virgin mother! huh.

  36. Nov Shmoz Ka Pop Says:

    ELRON was a fraud and the folks who carry it all on are even bigger, nastier frauds. Lord save us all from them.

  37. indeedydo Says:

    wasn’t sure how that other one was photoshopped. This is photoshopped (terribly by the way.)

  38. [KwZ] Says:

    Dude, photoshop that face!!!

  39. christian Says:

    “the cake is a lie!” haha, great one!

  40. A.Alaalas Says:

    The captains mask is clearly shopped.

  41. Tony Says:

    Not at all, if you look at his other pictures he also appears in the background of the moron picture. Not everything on the internet is photoshopped.

    Great stuff, would have been great to have gone to support anon.

  42. Jimbob Says:

    For those who wonder why scientology is evil.

    Tom Cruise.

    I rest my case.

  43. RegressLess Says:

    I need a Guy Fawkes mask. I’ve seen the Anonymous video and loved it. Scientology is just one more MANufactured religion to go down in the books. We cannot tolerate this kind of behavior any more. Remember what history has shown us–the millions slaughtered, the hatred, the greed. No more.

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Rules 1 and 2.

    You and your website, sir, are full of fail and aids. In the name of all true anonymous I would just like to say, LOLISAMCPHERSON!

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  46. John Smith Says:

    Finally somebody dares to take action.

  47. yell Says:

    where do those guys get these awesome masks ? :)

  48. Anthony Smith Says:

    That last image “LOL Xenu” made my day. So true! How could ANYONE ever believe this!!?!?!?

  49. ANON Says:


  50. Sara Says:

    I liked your protest pictures. Instead of labeling that guy a moron, you could have simply cropped the photo and it would have been perfect.

  51. FemAnon Says:


  52. jakdracula Says:

    Can anyone explain why everyone was wearing the Burger King mask?

  53. Nat Says:

    At least they’re not those insane Jews or even worse those totally moronic Christians. Can you imagine a cult that says that there is a “Holy Trinity” in a magical gold city called “Heaven” where an old man with a white beard is sitting on a throne and beside him on one side is his son that magically came back from the dead and did other magic tricks and on the other is a “ghost” sitting in a chair. Or how about those stupid Buddhists that burn incense and bow to a gold statue. I think we should all go down and protest in front of one of our local Christian churches and make fun of them for being so stupid and cultish. Maybe we could hear them chanting and singing their cult songs. Hahahahaha
    Oh… wait… I forgot that people are supposed to be free to choose whatever religion that they like. Without idiots protesting outside their place of worship.
    Especially those idiots that probably never read any actual literature of that religion. Instead they got their information off of the Internet from a website bent on religion bashing.

  54. mark Says:

    re: except for this idiot, who ruined my photo. Had it not been for his ridiculous face, this shot would have been great.

    good job sounding like a jerk…

  55. David Hardwick Photography Says:

    Interesting photojournalism.

  56. Anonymous Says:

    You guys do realize that there are Scientologists that see this website right??? Or are you guys so retarded that you think that they live isolated from the community? I mean come on!!! It is ridiculous what you say about people. When was the last time that the Scientologists had an uprising of some kind? THEY HAVEN’T!!! While there are numerous times that all of the other religions had a revolt of some sort. People need to grow up and realize that they are not the only people in the world. So f*** off of their religion.