Look into my eyes

March 15th, 2009 by James

It was time for my 2-yearly eye test so I went to Vision Express, who supply me with my contact lenses. They asked me if I wanted photographs of the backs of my eyes for an extra £10. Hell yes!

Left eye:

Right eye:

Now my Optometrist explained what each part of the image is in great detail – unfortunately I’ve forgotten almost everything she said. The big blood vessels are veins, and the smaller ones are arteries. I think the bright dot is the cornea, I can’t remember what the black part is. Ten points for anyone who knows.

Eyes closed

On the way home from poker.

How could I resist? I wish I had a polaroid so I could have placed a copy in his pocket.

Eyes open

Tanya with her Nikon F3. She’s in India with my Canon 24-70 right now, looking forward to what she brings back.


Severin flew over to have some noodles.

And look at Graffiti. My film scanner has problems scanning dark photos, and I end up with things like this.

Eyes down

Jay Luck had another fancy dress Team Freezeout at The International.

I went as a banana, Kevin went as Buzz Lightyear, Nick went as a pimp and ginger Chris refused to wear his flashing police helmet. So Nick wore it. Kevin took second place for our team.

Nick and the hat.

Another scanner screw-up. I’m going to get this printed then scan the print.

Also in the news

We’re fast approaching the end of the financial year. This is when councils dig up the roads and spend as much money as possible. if they don’t spend it, they get less next year.

I wonder what his story is.

There’s something about shaving my head that makes me feel like I’m shrugging off the blandness of the working week, ready for the weekend, freedom and fun.

I’ve booked flights to NYC & Philly for mid-late June with Sean Mayer. Looking forward to seeing some friends across the pond again. And documenting the whole thing!

Geeky stuff: Voigtlander Bessa R2M; 35mm 1.7 Ultron; Kodak TRI-X 400 + 2.

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7 Responses

  1. 3.1 Says:

    Oh, James. If only you’d taken a Polaroid. You’re too funking awesome for your own good.

  2. Sterl Says:

    Totally agree with you about shaving the head, I started doing it for that exact reason. Nice eyeball. When I get my exam done and have the black spot show up, I’ll ask.

  3. glyn Says:

    as ever great pics

    as for the eye – the white bit is your optic nerve which comes into the back of the eye with the blood vessels and then fans out over the retina

    the darker bit is the fovea which is where the centre of your vision is so its densely packed with receptors (particularly for colour)

    regards Glyn (Dr)

  4. James Says:

    Glyn the Doctor gets ten points!!!

  5. Dave Says:

    James, it’s Big Dave from DA ;)

    Must say you’re brave putting sensitive information on the web like that. With retinal scans in your ID cards soon, I’ll be able forge one and say I’m you.

  6. ceri Says:

    Oh dear, minus five points to the doctor….

    The white part is not strictly the optic nerve, but is in fact your optic disc – it is the “blind spot” of your eye as there are no receptors located in that circle.

    The other spot is your macula lutea, of which the fovea is only a part -it is the thinnest section of the whole retina, and appears as a small area with a hint of yellow colouration. The macula has a larger proportion of cones over rods in its cell makeup, which grants a greater visual sensitivity to colour and bright light. This allows the eye to see in colour rather than black and white, as well as permitting sharp focus.

    Minus a few points to Vision Express as well. Not a very well exposed fundus picture really.

  7. James Says:

    The plot thickens!