Paris – Bushido Impact 9

November 18th, 2009 by James

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Welcome to Paris.

SFII Sagat stage

Femi on the hunt.


We stayed up until around 7am every day playing Street Fighter IV & Pro Evo, so people closed their eyes every chance they got.


Homeless guy.

Tournament time

Bushido Impact 9. We came to Paris mainly to enter the Street Fighter IV tournament. Most of us made it out of our groups into the main tournament bracket.

Here are some of my group fights. I play Zangief.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Zero2000 (Wes, right) vs Yamazaki (Olivier). Yamazaki is is the best Ryu in France.

Yamazaki vs Dawgtanian. Dawgtanian is very popular in France, known from his online matches. There was always a crowd when he was playing.

Jesus is a pad player

The King Sagat.

Logan Sama. Logan and I stayed up all night Friday and played 200-300 games vs each other, Zangief vs Akuma. That is my tournament stick next to him, with a custom Zangief faceplate.

Close up of my stick. My gamer handle is ‘WorstGiefEVER’. I play SFIV on PC, my gamertag there is JBARDOLPH if anyone wants to add me. I am improving all the time, so one day I will probably change from ‘WorstGiefEVER’ to ‘Maybe not the Worst Gief EVER, but still pretty bad’.

Zero2000 (Wes) in battle.

Dawgtanian vs StarNab. StarNab is an awesome Fei Long player. He is SG rank on XBOX (top league). This match had HUGE hype, and Femi got it on camcorder and commentated. Probably the most hype match of the day. Video below.

YouTube Preview Image

Bushido Impact 9 was a fantastic event. They are planning to run an event every month; it is a one-day event, so from the UK you could get the Eurostar there and back on the same day for £50. I will certainly be doing this again. The people we met were great and very hospitable (thank you Bushido), and we all look forward to seeing them again.

YouTube Preview Image

Geeky stuff: Leica M6, Leica 35mm 1.4 Summilux, Kodak Tri-X, Ilford Delta 400

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