The lost luggage

I returned from America last week; minus my luggage. Where is it? Nobody knows yet! Hopefully it will turn up this weekend; until it does I’m going to be in a bad mood. If it does not turn up then:

Bye bye to:
Canon EOS 20D, 10-22 lens & 2GB CF card
My shoes
New Ralph Lauren BLACK fragrance gift set
New clothes
Old clothes

etc etc.

At least I can be thankful that I did not take any shots with my digital cam; I used my EOS 3. I have a few shots from one roll, and about 40 shots across three different rolls that are yet to be processed.

What follows is from Washington DC, Smithsonian area. Lots of war memorials there.

Chubby Americans, bent horizon


Korean war memorial

Lincoln breaks his own rules

More shots to come as and when I finish rolls and get them developed.