Lovely film.

The birthday

Lovely film.

This week my first roll of neopan 400 finally got developed. What can I say – neopan 400 is very me.

Anyway, the film contained photos from Brandy’s birthday celebrations at Bar Kick in Shoreditch. The shots are a bit blurry due to low light. For her birthday I bought her a pair of shower breasts. They have suckers on the back; you attach them to the wall in the shower, squeeze the breasts and out comes shower gel.

Brandy and the shower breasts.

Voluptuous me.
No idea how they got there.

You love it. Well she does anyway.

Here is Kasey. I should take photos of her more often, she’s gorgeous. I think I was hammered when I took this, because I don’t even remember doing it.

Bar Kick is cool – it’s a football themed bar, and they have four or five ‘foosball’ tables there. Pete and I teamed up to play these two French guys, who seemed to play like professionals. We got ass-raped, but not whitewashed. Take that frogs! We win.

Well we lose, and by a mile…. but you know what I mean.